Enrichment Opportunities



Providing the children daily large motor activities is important to us. Our wonderful outdoor and indoor play spaces enables us to provide this much needed activity on a daily basis regardless of weather.   

The use of the gym also enables us to offer special activities, such as Sports Classes right on premise after school.

Interactive Read Aloud Book Club

Our director will encourage Shining Stars and Sparks students to dig deeper into stories, scaffold them to make inquires, ask questions, and discover a new way to view novels. Sometimes reading is for pleasure, and sometimes we want to dig a little deeper!  Through interactive reading sessions, Ms, Kaye will be utilizing different strategies to:

•          Develop background knowledge necessary for understanding a topic

•          Target vocabulary development

•          Demonstrate prosody

•          Learn how to inference, make judgments and use meta-cognition strategies

•          Integrate higher order questioning skills

•          Develop connections to a text (text-to-self, world or another text)

•          Meet academic content standards at a students frustration level

Additional Fee payable to LHCP


Along with the interactive read-aloud class, our director is excited to offer Spanish classes to the Shining Stars and Sparks. It is never too soon to begin these classes with young children.

Additional Fee payable to LHCP


We have brought the Wee Little Arts program to LHCP as an afternoon enrichment class for our Shining Stars and Sparks classes. This wonderful art program has been fostering and nurturing the creative voices of children for over a decade. The program is offered once a week for an hour throughout the year.    

You will be amazed with the masterpieces your child creates! When you sign your child up for one session, you are bound to sign up for more!

Additional Fee payable to Wee Little Arts



No need to go anywhere else to get a quality sports program for your child. US Sports Institute provides a great afternoon enrichment program for the children right here in our gym at LHCP.  

We will be offering our Sunbeams a half hour class once a week, and our Shining Stars and Sparks will be offered an hour class once a week. The sessions are offered in the fall, winter and spring.   

Additional Fee payable to US Sports


Little HEarts Yoga and Dance

Little Hearts Yoga and Dance offers Creative Movement and Yoga programs at LHCP as an enrichment activity for your child.    

The Creative Movement class, offered to our Sunbeams, focuses on learning rhythm, tumbling and gross motor skills. Students will gain strength and endurance while building strong, healthy bodies. The instructor encourages each child’s creative imagination, and the children will gain confidence and self-esteem in a nurturing environment. Half-hour classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring.

In the fun filled Yoga program, offered to our Shining Stars and Sparks classes, children will learn Yoga poses and breathing techniques. Warm-up, postures, relaxation, and stimulating activities will help students stretch and develop endurance while building strong healthy bodies, brains, and hearts. As the instructor encourages each child’s creative imagination, the children gain focus, confidence, and self-esteem in a nourishing environment. Research has shown that Yoga in school helps improve focus and attention span and helps students cope with stress and anxiety. Half-hour classes are offered in the fall, winter and spring.

Additional Fee payable to Little Hearts Yoga and Dance



A fun, extended day opportunity for our Shining Stars!

Our Shining Stars will have the opportunity to experience eating lunch together with their friends. This extra hour of care, provided at a nominal fee, will help children learn table manners, encourage self-help skills, provide another opportunity for group prayer and give the children time after lunch for an activity. This program will be offered throughout the year.

Additional fee payable to LHCP